About Me

About Me

My Younger Years

So, who am I and how do I know what I am talking about? Let me put you in the picture and give you a little biography about me.

Growing up my home was filled with music as my father was a well-known band leader in the United Kingdom. It was an early introduction into the joy of music and great sounds.  This resulted in my life long love affair with music and audio. My early years were shaped with clarinets, violin, saxophone and the sounds of great playing. Personally I can’t play any musical instrument, however both my wife and daughter are classically trained musicians and I am constantly treated to “real” acoustic music, both classical and modern, from various pianos, keyboards and, (dare I say it?), Apple’s Garage Band, that fill my home.

This led me to a career where audio was the focus, and the quest for great sound and perfection. As a result I have spent my entire professional life (about 40 years) involved in the design, installation and operation of high end recording studios and TV and Radio broadcast and production facilities. I have worked with some of the best people in some amazing places and have seen the industry grow and change and been happy to be part of it. Some of the highlights of my career, background and experience:

  • Various academic degrees and member of a number of professional video and audio organizations and recipient of several engineering/broadcast awards
  • Published many articles on satellite communication and RF
  • Trained as an RF design and installation engineer
  • Trained by the BBC as a video engineer and operator
  • Lecturer/Professor in College and University – audio, electronics and acoustics
  • Technical Director at London’s largest independent recording studio complex
  • Technical Director for a London based independent Recording and Radio studio design and installation company
  • Head of Research and Development at a satellite and cable hardware & software company
  • Senior corporate engineer for one of Americas largest broadcasters and news organizations
  • Senior Systems engineer and Senior Project Manager for the design and installation of numerous American TV broadcast and production facilities
  • Currently Senior Consulting Engineer working in broadcast systems supporting the transition of broadcast/sports and production facilities to 4K, IPTV and beyond.

In spite of my extensive and ongoing involvement in video (in order to make a living!) my love of music and audio is still what sustains me through my life and career. Leaving the recording industry was not by choice, a serious down turn in its profitability in the late 80’s and early 90’s changed the industry forever, and new opportunities beckoned. However, given the right opportunity I would return to the music recording industry in a heartbeat.