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My little corner of the web where audio and video are the thing. Have you ever dreamed of building your own home theater, or having a listening space with great sound? Do you wonder about some of that top notch gear you are dreaming about? How well it works, and is it really worth it? Or the most important question, how do you justify it to the other half? Well, this just might be the place for you. This is the place to find information ranging from reviews of BluRay, CD’s and Vinyl to upgrade information and room design and construction. The intersection of dreams and reality. From Vinyl To Plastic, for real people.

The purpose of this site is to disseminate my experiences and knowledge gained over the years to provide readers with information that will hopefully both benefit you as you design your own rooms and prevents you from falling into some of the same technical “holes” that I have. I will also try to provide an informed, and hopefully not too biased, opinion on various aspects of the state of the video and audio industry, including reviewing hardware, Vinyl and BluRays and CD’s (Plastic).

This site is not intended to provide deep, technical interpretations and information. It is more of a higher level “light hearted”, hopefully readable, and a lot less technical view of audio and video systems. For those who desire a thorough understanding of some of the principles that will be deliberately glossed over on this site, please visit one of the many A/V and Home Theater web sites or sit down with one of the many well-known books and white papers on these topics.

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Front view of my A/V room

Room Front View – with screen retracted


My A/V room showing equipment rack

Room Equipment Rack


Surround speakers and quadratic diffusers

Side and Rear Surrounds with the side and rear Quadratic Diffusers


A/V room rear view showing the main quadratic diffuser, rear surrounds and projector

Rear View Showing The Projector