Now We Have 8K Coming Around The Corner!!

4K Isn’t Even Fully Alive Yet And Now We Have 8K Coming Around The Corner


Now We Have 8K Coming Around The Corner   Now We Have 8K Coming Around The Corner


Look very closely at the above two logos.

What difference can you see?

OK, you can read that one represents double the resolution of the other. Other than that there is nothing that 8K is going to bring to the average HT enthusiast other than emptying their piggy banks. If you own a projector, well, you need to just dream or have a nightmare about such an 8K device.

If you are a graphics artist or film editor and work from home I fully understand why you may want such a resolution, and of course those in high end post and editing houses already have these 8K displays, but for HT consumer use….really! Why?

All I can say is that I hope that it is a REALLY long corner with companies like Sharp, LG and Samsung already releasing 8K displays. I have absolutely no idea why, other than to pry those hard earned dollars out of your pockets or for those who must be ‘one up’ on their neighbors. We have barely got to grips with 4K, well actually not at all, see my earlier post on 4K, and manufacturers are already trying to convince people that they need a new 8K UHD TV.


These displays will provide absolutely no benefit to the average consumer. Oh yes and don’t forget that supporting these 8K displays with movies and programming, that could take any advantage of its resolution, won’t be happening in the foreseeable future. As for your eyes, well I assume that you sit 3 feet from your screen. Heck, even the NBA and NFL still use HD 720P!

My opinion, on releasing this display resolution to the public is well, poor to say the least. It would be nice if the TV manufacturers would spend their time, effort and money on developing a stable range of products that fully meet all the current 4K standards first.

My view about the introduction of 8K at this stage, during the birth of 4K, is less than stellar, as you may have noticed by now. The question is, just because you can –  should you?

For more details on 8K see this Vidgo article and this AVS article.