Vinyl for those who might not know are LP’s or albums. 12″ of old fashioned joy, spinning at 33 and 45RPM. Here is an overview of my current vinyl replay equipment:

  • Thorens TD160 Super turntable
  • Hadcock GH228 Super arm
  • Lentek Entre 1 moving coil cartridge
  • Lentek Head Amplifier

All this hardware was purchased back in the UK when I was working in the recording industry. I have never changed this replay chain as I found that based upon A/B comparisons through my system at that time, that they provided an excellent and tonally accurate rendition of the master tapes.

This entire vinyl replay chain was recently rebuilt and upgraded, see this post.

My Original Stereo System

For those interested, the stereo audio system used when I worked in the UK recording industry was composed of:

  • Maudant Short MS600 speakers. Celestion 12” rubber-roll studio bass unit and Decca Kelly DK30 ribbon. The passive crossovers and DK30 lenses were removed and the speakers were bi-amped using the amplifiers below.

Maudant Short MS600 Speaker


  • Radford ZD22 pre amplifier.

Radford ZD22 Pre-Amplifier


  • Quad 405 power amplifier driving the bass units.
Quad 405 Current Dumping Amplifier

Image credit:


  •  Leak TL50 plus valve power amplifiers driving the DK30 ribbons.
Leak TL50 plus Valve power amplifier

Image credit: Hi Fi Engine


  • Custom designed electronic crossovers. (sorry no pictures)


Everything above, except the speakers, were built by me. I even still have the photographic foil artwork for all the PCB’s together with all the maintenance and service manuals. Unfortunately, I sold everything except the MS600’s when I left England, a decision I will always regret. Selling the MS600’s was not quite so heart breaking.