Speaker System

My system has eleven satellite monitors manufactured by Genelec. Why? Because I am relatively familiar with their speakers in professional rooms and wanted a core five channel audio system that was representative of what is used in the recording and music production industry. The five 1038 monitors are professional PM3 THX rated studio monitors and are still very popular for small recording studios and cutting rooms; and as I wanted to match the tonal characteristics of all monitors I stayed with Genelec. The 1038’s have a respectively flat frequency response, excellent power handling and can support very high sound pressure levels at low distortion. However, I do find them a little “hard” on the upper mid-range depending upon the material; more on this issue in a later post. The four subs are made by SVS and were selected based on my budget, audio quality and room design.

  • LH Front, Center, RH Front Genelec 1038
  • LH/RH front Height Genelec 8030
  • LH/RH Movie Surrounds Genelec 8040
  • LH/RH Music Surrounds Genelec 1038
  • LH/RH Rears Genelec 8040
  • LH/RH Front Subs SVS PB12NSD
  • LH/RH Rear subs SVS SB2000

The satellite speakers are all connected over balanced cables by the Denon AVPA1HDCI that has the 3D/XT32 and height processing upgrade. Please see this article (to come) on my sub alignment for further details on the process and overall system performance.

The following high level block diagram shows how the audio system is connected:

sound system diagram