CES 2018 – MQA Update

CES 2018 – MQA Update

CES 2018 - MQA Update

MQA certainly seems to be on track to revolutionize mobile streaming with its continued rapid uptake and deployment by various manufacturers. Getting market traction now with at least one hundred MQA-enabled products and streaming services.

Besides TIDAL other MQA streaming services now include:

New software players providing playback solutions include:

Additional hardware support is provided by:

With software upgrade announcements to support MQA from:

A detailed list of Playback and Service partners can be found here.

If you are attending CES2018 and want more information:

  • The MQA team will be on Booth #14735 at the LVCC Central Hall
  • MQA’s CEO will be chairing a discussion called “Music Streaming Is Only The Beginning”, at the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion (LVCC #14735) on Wednesday 10 January 2018, (11:00–11:30).

Further listening experience at CES 2018 can be found from various MQA music partners at the Venetian, to include: Bluesound, LG, Mytek, Onkyo, dCS, Pioneer, Pro-ject, AudioQuest, NAD, Sony and Technics.

Happy streaming.

See my earlier introduction to Hi-Res and MQA audio here.

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