8K HDMI Connectivity Arrives

FIBBR To Manufacture World’s First 56Gbps 8K-HDR HDMI Cables

8K HDMI Connectivity Arrives

FIBBR Pure Series HDMI 2.0 Fiber Optic HDMI Cable – 4:4:4: 4K@60Hz – 10bit


Formats like 4K Ultra HD and HDR are slowly growing in popularity, while advanced  technologies like 120Hz refresh rates and 8K loom on the horizon. These new technologies are going to place a huge strain on the data throughput and bandwidth of HDMI cables, making the use of copper HDMI cables impossible for long or even relatively short distances. FIBBR, already being in the 4K HDMI fiber market, displays the worlds first 8K HDMI fiber interconnect, the Ultra 8K. See the Ultra 8K and UltraPro series at CES 2018 on the HDMI Forum Booth 20542 in the LVCC South Hall 1.

FIBBR is the worlds leading manufacturer of Active Optical Cables (AOC’s), and is owned by Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Joint-Stock Company (YOFC), the largest optical fiber and cable manufacturer in the world, and Everpro Technology Company Limited, one of the few companies in the world that provides the R&D for the optical communication chips and AOC production.

FIBBR’s product line uses its BendRobust™ technology that allows the fibers to be bent at a tight 180 degrees allowing a bend diameter of less than 2 mm without interrupting the signal. They also use a proprietary design that delivers power to the receiving end, thereby eliminating the need for external power, yet still maintaining ‘plug-and-play’.

8K HDMI Connectivity Arrives

Amazing 2.0mm Bend Radius

8K HDMI Connectivity Arrives

FIBBR UltraPro HDMI 2.0 – Support 4K 60FPS

8K HDMI Connectivity Arrives

FIBBR UltraPro HDMI 2.0 – Support 4K 60FPS












Currently their 4K UltraPro cables do not support ARC (Audio Return Channel) or Ethernet.

FIBBR has also announced that its UltraPro 4K cable is certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for 18Gbps transmission. Launchd at CEDIA 2017, the new 4K AOC HDMI cable is built to reliably deliver the 18Gbps bandwidth necessary for today’s 4K and HDR content. There are four fiber-optic strands in each cable, three of which transmit 6 Gbps each, for a total bandwidth of 18 Gbps, the fourth strand carrying the clock signal.

The company’s fiber HDMI cables are available at lengths ranging from 1.5 meters to 50 meters, and it offers special order lengths as long as 200 meters.

FIBBR will showcase its full line of fiber AOC HDMI cables at CEDIA 2018.

FIBBR fiber optic cables are slim and flexible, being up to 60% lighter than conventional copper HDMI cables. Despite this, these cables are strong and extremely lightweight, helping to protect the delicate HDMI connectors.

All cables are powered by the source HDMI connector and require no external power supplies.

These cables use a SmartLED indicator on the source connector to indicate that the cable is active. Different model cables use different colors of LED’s from flashing red or green to a steady blue light indicating the status of the cables connection.

FIBBR fiber optic HDMI cables offer reliable high bandwidth connectivity, virtually no signal attenuation, and being optical, are immune to external electromagnetic interference.

These 4K HDMI cables are rather expensive, especially as they do not support ARC or Ethernet—the price for a 6ft length is $150, while a 50ft length is $279.

Find further FIBBR company and product information here.

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